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Get all your disks delivered on a 32GB USB Flash Drive!

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Finally the format you have been asking for.  Get all of our disks delivered on a USB flash drive that will work in any computer!  Your entire order will be converted to USB flash drive..



32 GB USB Delivery Option!

No CD/DVD Drive?  No Problem!

Get all your disks delivered on a 32 GB USB Flash Drive!

Frequently Asked Questions:


What is this listing for?

We sell unique items on CD's and DVD's.  We recognize some of our customers may not have computers with CD/DVD drives.  For those customers, we are now proud to offer our USB flash drive delivery option.  Simply shop our store and add all the disks you wish to purchase to your shopping cart.  Then add this item to your shopping cart order.  We will then process your disks and put them ALL on a 32 GB USB Flash Drive and send that out to you instead of the actual disks.

Does this apply to your downloadable products?

No!  Downloadble products are just that, they are downloadable and there is no point in ordering them on USB.  This only applies to disks (CD's or DVD's) in our store.  Our entire CD/DVD catalog is available to be delivered with this method.

Will I still get disks with my order?

No!  When you add this item to your cart, you are telling us you would rather have all the disks placed on a USB drive instead.   You will not receive any disks when you add this item to your cart.

Will this flash drive work on my computer?

Our USB flash drives will be formatted so they can run on any Apple or Windows PC (ANY VERSION).  They will have the identical content on them as our disks, with the root directory of each disk as a separate folder on the USB drive.  If you ordered audio CD's from our store, they will be included as .mp3 files.  If you ordered movie DVD's from our store, they will be included on the USB drive as .ISO disk images that you can watch on your computer or burn to a DVD.  If you don't know what an .ISO image is or how to work with it, please do your research prior to adding a movie DVD with this item.

How many disks will fit on a USB drive, what if they don't all fit?

We use 32 GB flash drives, which are typically large enough for 7 DVDs or 40 CDs, depending on how much data is on them.  If you ordered enough disks from us to fill more than one USB drive, we will include additional USB drives at no additional charge as needed, we will not ask you to purchase additional USB drives.  Basically, add one of these to your cart, and your entire order from us will ship on USB drive(s), regardless of whether you buy 1 or 100 of our disks.

What brand/type of USB drive do you supply?

We use unbranded, generic 32 GB flash drives.  They are typically USB 2.0.  They will not resemble the USB drive in the picture.  Sorry, we cannot guarantee a brand or take requests for specific brands/types.  We are charging for the time it will take to format your drive and load your disks on to them per your order, not the flash drive.

Will this take longer to ship out since it is custom for my order?

Our standard lead and delivery times are unchanged.  99% of our shipments will go out the next business day after your order.

I placed multiple orders, can I still get them on this flash drive?

The only way to guarantee your entire order will ship on USB drive is to add this item to your order and checkout all at one time.  If you check out and order multiple items at different times and only add this USB drive to one of those orders, we may not notice and some of your orders may ship on CD.  We send out orders every business day, so if you wait too long in between orders, they may be missed.  Please place your order all at once to ensure proper processing.

What if I don't buy any disks and I just want a flash drive?

Sorry, this listing is for an add-on service for a customer that is purchasing our CDs or DVDs.  If you do not have at least 1 CD or DVD from us in your shopping cart order when you add this item, your order will be cancelled.  We do not sell blank USB drives.

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