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94 Books, Bookbinding Binding How to Make Book Covers, Repair Craft DVD

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Bookbinding is the process of physically assembling a book from a number of folded or unfolded sheets of paper or other material. It usually involves attaching a book cover to the resulting text-block. Before the computer age, the bookbinding trade involved two divisions. Each book is in high resolution PDF format.



The ULTIMATE Bookbinding Reference Library

vintage bookbinding books   vintage bookbinding books vintage bookbinding books
94 classic books
on vintage bookbinding and related topics.

The best selling Vintage Bookbinding Collection on one easy to use DVD!

Neatly organized books, titles as shown, on DVD.


vintage bookbinding books

vintage bookbinding books

vintage bookbinding books

vintage bookbinding books

vintage bookbinding books

vintage bookbinding books

vintage bookbinding books

vintage bookbinding books

vintage bookbinding books  

vintage bookbinding books  

vintage bookbinding books

All books are in PDF format, for easy searching and printing

Bookbinding is the process of physically assembling a book from a number of folded or unfolded sheets of paper or other material. It usually involves attaching a book cover to the resulting text-block. Before the computer age, the bookbinding trade involved two divisions.

First, there is stationery or vellum binding which deals with making new books intended to be written into, such as accounting ledgers, business journals, and guest log books, along with other general office stationery such as note books, manifold books, portfolios, and etc.

Second is letterpress binding which deals with making new books intended to be read from and includes fine binding, library binding, edition binding, and publisher's bindings.  A result of the new bindings is a third division dealing with the repair, restoration, and conservation of old used bindings. With the digital age, personal computers have replaced the pen and paper based accounting that used to drive most of the work in stationery binding. Today, modern bookbinding is divided between hand binding by individual craftsmen versus mass-produced bindings by high speed machines in a bindery factory.

This is a collection of vintage Bookbinding Books, for a total of 94 books on DVD.  Various topics are covered in these vintage bookbinding books.  Topics discussed including classic methods of repair and restoration, as well as the origin of books.  This is a must have item for anyone interested in book restoration and repair.

The list of titles, along with author, date of publication, and page count, that are included is as follows:


A Bibliography of Bookbinding, 1892, By S. T. Prideaux, 67 pages

A collection of excessively rare books, letters and illuminated manuscripts (1909), by Sir Philippe Sidnel, 253 pages

A Guide to The Exhibition in The King’s Library Illustrating The History of Printing, Music-Printing and Bookbinding, 1913, By Order of the Trustees, 184 pages

A guide to the manuscripts, autographs, charters, seals, illuminations and bindings exhibited in the Department of manuscripts and in the Grenville library. With thirty plates (1906), 384 pages

A History of the Art of Bookbinding With Some Account of The Books of the Ancients, 1894,  By W. Salt Brassington, 331 pages

A Lecture on Bookbinding as a Fine Art, 1886, By Robert Hoe, 179 pages

A Note on Bookbinding With Extracts From the Special Report of The Society of Arts on Leather for Bookbinding, 1904, By Douglas Cockerell, 44 pages

A Short Historical Sketch of The Art of Bookbinding, W. Andrews, 1895, 57 pages

A Short History of Bookbinding and a Glossary of Styles and Terms Used in Binding With a Brief Account of the Celebrated Binders and Patrons of Bookbinding From Whom the Various Styles are Named, Description of Leathers, etc., 1895, By J. Zaehnsdorf,  46 pages

A Syllabus of a Course on Elementary Bookmaking and Bookbinding, 1910, By S. J. Freeman, 41 pages

An Essay in Bookbinding as an Art with Some Suggestions to Collectors, 1886, By Bancroft & Company, 15 pages

An Historical Sketch of Bookbinding, 1893, By S.T. Prideaux, 316 pages

Bibliopegia; or the Art of Bookbinding, Illustrated with engravings, 1848, By John Hannett, 191 pages

Bib-li-op-e-gis-tic  (pertaining to the art of binding books.--Dibdin) (1910), by the Trow Press, 27 pages

Binding For Libraries, 1915, By The A.L.A Committee on Bookbinding, 20 pages

Book Mending Materials and Other Library Supplies, by H.R. Huntting Co., 1927, 38 pages

Book of Type Specimens, 1907 By Barnhart Bros. & Spindler – 1,053 pages

Book Repair and Restoration A Manual of Practical Suggestions for Bibliophilie, 1918, By Mitchell S. Buck, 143 pages

Bookbinders and Their Craft, 1903, By S.T. Prideaux, 315 pages

Bookbinding and its Auxiliary Branches Part 1 Paper Ruling, 1914,  By John J. Pleger, 88 pages

Bookbinding and its Auxiliary Branches Part 2 Punching, Crimping, Eyeletting, Pamphlet, and Quarter Binding, 1914,  By John J. Pleger, 132 pages

Bookbinding and its Auxiliary Branches Part 3 Blank, Edition and Job Forwarding, Finishing and Stamping, 1914,  By John J. Pleger, 293 pages

Bookbinding and Its Auxiliary Branches Part 4 Gilt Edging, Goffered Edging, Marbling, Hand Tooling and the Care of Books, 1914, By John J. Pleger,  110 pages

Bookbinding as a Handwork Subject Being a Full Explanation of how Books can be Bound With Simple Apparatus in a School Classroom, By J. Halliday, 1915, 79 pages

Bookbinding Fine Art Mechanical Art and Manufacture , by H. Wheatley, 1882, 58 pages

Bookbinding for Amateurs Being Description of The Various Tools and Appliances Required and Minute Instructions for Their Effective Use, By W. J. E. Crane, 1885, 225 pages

Bookbinding for Beginners, By Florence O. Bean & John C. Brodhead, 1918, 106 pages

Bookbinding for Bibliophiles Being Notes on Some Technical Features of the Well Bound Book for the Aid of Connoisseurs, By Fletcher Battershall, 1905, 148 pages

Bookbinding in England and France, By W. Y. Fletcher, 1897, 179 pages

Bookbinding in France, 1894,  By William Fletcher, 113 pages

Bookbinding With Numerous Engravings and Diagrams, By Paul N. Hasluck, 1907, 163 pages

Bookbinding, and the Care of Books A Handbook for Amateurs Bookbinders & Librarians, By Douglas Cockerell, 1920, 356 pages

Bookbindings, old and new; notes of a book-lover, with an account of the Grolier Club, New York by B. Matthews (1896), 363 pages

Catalogue of an exhibition of nineteenth century bookbindings (1898), by the Caston Club, 144 pages

Catalogue of beautiful books richly bound offered for sale by George D. Smith, New York (1918), 122 pages

Catalogue of Ornamental Leather Bookbinding Executed in America Prior to 1850, By The Grolier Club, 1907, 128 pages

Catalogue of the magnificent private library of the late Amor L. Hollingsworth of Milton, Mass. many in sumptuous bindings by the finest binders in the world (1910), 465 pages

Catalogue Raisonnee Works on Bookbinding Practical and Historical Examples of Booking of the XVIth to XIXth Centuries, By Columbia University Library, 1903, 124 pages

Commercial Bookbinding A Description of the Processes and the Various Machines Used, By Geo. A. Stephen, 1910, 84 pages

Convenient book of specimens. Franklin type foundry (1889), by Allison & Smith, 453 pages

Cowie’s Bookbinder’s Manual Containing a Full Description of Leather and Vellum Binding; Directions for Gilding of Paper and Book-Edges; and Numerous Valuable Recipes for Sprinkling, Coloring, and Marbling; Together with a Scale of Bookbinder Charges; A List of all the Book and Vellum Binders in London, By William Strange, 1860, 149 pages

Early America Bookbinding and Kindred Subjects, by W. Andrews, 1902, 28 pages

Early Oxford bindings by S. Gibson (1903), 161 pages

Encyclopedia of Literary and Typographical Anecdote, By C. H. Timperley, 1842, 1,160 pages

English Embroidered Bookbindings, By Cyril Davenport, 1899, 261 pages

Example of the Art of Book-Binding, By Bernard Quaritch, 1897, 219 pages

Examples of Bookbinding, 1920, By Robt Riviere, 107 pages

Exhibition of Silver Embroidered and Curious Bookbindings, By The Grolier Club of the City of New York, 1903, 102 pages

Folious appearances - A consideration on our ways of lettering books by J. Tupling (1854), 31 pages

Historic bindings in the Bodleian library, Oxford; with reproductions of twenty-four of the finest bindings by W. Brassington (1891), 208 pages

Historical Essay on the Art of Bookbinding, By H. P. Du Bois, 1883, 50 pages

Leather For Libraries, By E. Wyndham Hulme, J. Gordon Parker, A. Seymour-Jones, Cyril Davenport and F.J. Williamson, 1905, 81 pages

Library binding manual by L. Feipel (1951), 91 pages

Library Bookbinding, By Arthur L. Bailey, 1916, 259 pages

List of manuscripts, printed books and examples of bookbinding exhibited to the American librarians on the occasion of their visit to Haigh Hall (1897), 88 pages

Manual of Library Bookbinding Practical and Historical, By Henry T. Coutts, 1911, 312 pages

Mending and Repair of Books, by M. Brown, 1916, 28 pages

Modern Book Bindings & Their Designers, By E. Wood, 1900, 116 pages

Modern Bookbinding, By William Matthews, 1889, 118 pages

Modern Bookbindings Their Design and Decoration, By S.T. Prideaux, 1906, 221 pages

Notes on Bookbinding for Libraries, By John Cotton Dana, 1910, 184 pages

One hundred and eighty-eight manuscripts, bindings, books, and autograph letters including the magnificent Calvillo Pontifical written and illuminated in Spain (1365-1370) (1922), 213 pages

Papers on Bookbinding, By William C. Hollands, 1922, 70 pages

Partial bibliography of bookbinding by M. Bridgman (1901), 112 pages

Practical Bookbinding A Text-book intended for those who take up the Art of Bookbinding, and designed to give sufficient help to enable handy persons to Bind their Books and Periodicals, By W.B. Pearce, 1908, 140 pages

Practical Bookbinding, By Paul Adam, 1903, 230 pages

Printing and Bookbinding for Schools, By S. J. Vaugn, 1912, 160 pages

Printing And Writing Materials, Their Evolution, By A. Smith, 1901, 301 pages

Remarkable bindings in the British Museum, selected for their beauty or historic interest by H. Wheatley (1889), 289 pages

Report of the Committee on Leather For Bookbinding, By The Rt. Hon. Viscount Cobhan & Sir Henry Trueman Wood, 1905, 139 pages

Royal English Bookbindings, By Cyril Davenport, 1896, 109 pages

Specimens of Book Types Printing and Bookbinding, 1902, 204 pages

Specimens of Linotype, Monotype, and Hand Type in use in the Book Composing Room of the Trow Directory, Printing and Bookbinding Company, By Trow Directory, Printing and Bookbinding Company, 1905, 206 pages

The Art of Bookbinding A Practical Treatise, By Joseph W. Zaehnsdorf, 1890, 259 pages

The Art of Book-Binding its Rise and Progress, 1850, 59 pages

The art of the book; a review of some recent European and American work in typography, page decoration & binding by C. Holme (1914), 298 pages

The Binding of Books An Essay in the History of Gold-Tooled Buildings, 1915, By Herbert P.  Horne, 269 pages

The Book Its Printers, Illustrators, and Binders, From Gutennberg to the Present Time, By Henry Bouchot, 1890, 405 pages

The Book, Its History And Development, By C. Davenport, 1907, 281 pages

The Bookbinders Manual A Full Description of Leather and Vellum Binding, by Cowie, 1860, 149 pages

The catalogue of books from the libraries or collections of celebrated bibliophiles and illustrious persons of the past, with arms or devices upon the bindings (1895), 155 pages

The earliest Cambridge stationers & bookbinders, and the first Cambridge printer by G. Gray (1904), 160 pages

The Hand-Book of Taste in Bookbinding, By E. Churton, 1800, 42 pages

The Making Of A Book, by Methodist Book Concern, 1915, 39 pages

The Printed Book, By Harry G. Aldis, 1916, 186 pages

The Printer’s Dictionary of Technical Terms, By A.A. Stewart, 1912, 389 pages

The Printers’ Handbook of Trade Recipes, Hints, and Suggestions Relating to Letterpress and Lithographic Printing Bookbinding, Stationery Engaving, etc., By Charles Thomas Jacobi, 1891, 384 pages

The Spencer Collection of Modern Book Bindings, By W. Eames, 1914, 55 pages

Women in the Bookbinding Trade, By Mary Van Kleeck, 1913, 326 pages

Works on Bookbinding, Practical and Historical Examples of Bookbindings, By Columbia University, 1903, 115 pages

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