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Vintage Shoemaking Books Collection, 55 Books, Footwear Catalogs, PDF DVD

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Enjoy this classic collection of books on the topic of classic shoemaking.  Each book is in high resolution PDF format.



The Complete Library of Shoemaking

Historic Books, Periodicals, and Classic Literature

Shoemaking Books Shoemaking Books Shoemaking Books Shoemaking Books

55 Books and Publications included on this disk!

Shoemaking Books Shoemaking Books Shoemaking Books Shoemaking Books

A must have resource for anyone interested in learning about Shoemaking!

Neatly organized titles as shown, on one easy to use data disk for your computer.

Vintage Surgical Instruments Library

All books are PDF format that you know and trust, for easy reading and printingNo unknown or strange file formats!

Please ensure you have the latest copy of Adobe Reader installed on your machine (it is free online).

FORMAT NOTICE: This disk is only for use in your computer's drive!  It will NOT play in the DVD Player hooked up to your TV or in your car!


Shoemaking Books


Shoemaking Books


Shoemaking Books


Shoemaking Books

This data disk includes 55 vintage books and periodicals detailing shoemaking.  These books can only be read on your computer with a PDF Reader (such as the free Adobe Reader).

Please note that this collection contains vintage scans, some of which were in poor condition before being rescued and digitized for posterity.  This means that you may see some pages with creases and tears that show up in the scans.

Publications included:

A Short Treatise on Boots and Shoes: Ancient and Modern (1884) – 39 pages 
Catalogue of Life-Buoy Brand Rubber Footwear (1913) – 68 pages
Designing, Cutting and Grading Boot and Shoe Patterns (1899) – 152 pages
Effects of Glucose and Salts on the Wearing Quality of Sole Leather (1919) – 52 pages
Facts Worth Knowing About Leather Boots and Shoes (1872) – 20 pages
From the Forest to the Foot (1890) – 36 pages
Handbook of Shoe Factory Engineering (1916) – 54 pages
Home Book to Learn Expert Shoe Repairing (1916) – 44 pages
How to Bottom a Welted Shoe By Hand (1912) – 68 pages
How to Make a Shoe (1882) – 132 pages
How to Repair Shoes (1912) – 82 pages
Recollections of Sixty Years in The Shoe Trade (1916) – 228 pages
Royal and Historic Gloves and Shoes (1904) – 282 pages
Royal Canadian Rubber Footwear (1906) – 28 pages
Shoe and Leather Encyclopedia (1911) – 132 pages
Shoe Factory Efficiency (1910) – 38 pages
Shoe Making Old and New (1911) – 100 pages
Shoe-ology or How to Buy Shoes and How To Take Care of Them (1897) – 28 pages
Shoes and Shoemaking (1897) – 128 pages
The Art and Mystery of the Gentle Craft, Being an Essay on the Practice and Principles of Boot and Shoe Making (1834) – 75 pages
The Book of the Feet: A History of Boots and Shoes (1847) – 172 pages
The Boot and Shoe Maker’s Assistant (1853) – 238 pages
The Finisher’s Manual (1891) – 56 pages
The Manufacture of Boots and Shoes (1902) – 324 pages
The Manufacture of Leather (1922) – 160 pages
The Principles of Leather Manufacture (1903) – 545 pages
The Romance of the Shoe (1922) – 402 pages
The Shoe Industry (1916) – 336 pages
The Soldier's Foot and the Military Shoe - 164 Pages
The Soldier's Manual of Foot Care and Foot Wear - 76 Pages


25 more books!!!


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