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Stamp Album Page Maker Pro, Make Custom Printable Stamp Pages DOWNLOAD!


The most intuitive and easy to use Stamp Album Page Layout templates available. Great for exhibits & Topical Albums!  Available for IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD.




Stamp Album Page Maker Pro


Stamp Album Page Maker

The above image is our standard CD cover image.  This listing is does NOT include the CD.  This listing for an IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD of contents of this CD.  No CD will be mailed to you.  After checkout, you will receive a link to immediately download these templates from your order page.

The most intuitive and easy to use Stamp Album Page Layout templates available. Great for exhibits & Topical Albums!

Quickly Design your own custom Album & Exhibit Pages.

Your choice of 50 custom border styles to your Album Pages to give pages that personal look & feel.

Design pages for countries where sometimes pre-made pages are not even available.

Add text and titles quickly and easily.

Your choice of different colors and line types for all your text boxes, limitless combinations.

Easy to modify, always prints to scale.

No more guessing, type in the size of your stamp and push a button, and drag your outline box anywhere on the page.

50 compatible Microsoft Excel 2010 templates.

Stamp Album Page Maker Note:  This package contains Microsoft Excel templates.  You MUST have a copy of Microsoft Excel 2010 or newer installed on your machine.  Works with any Windows version as long as you have Excel already installed, Microsoft Excel is not included in this listing.  If you need a copy of Microsoft Excel, simply search for "Excel 2010" or "Office 2010" here on ebay, which you can typically find for less than $50.
What is Stamp Album Page Maker Pro?

If you are a stamp collector, you know how hard it is to find quality stamp album pages to suit your needs.  Either they are completely overpriced, or they contain stamps and pages that you are not interested in collecting.  Why put up with overpriced greedy companies selling you their formatted pages on fancy paper you can buy yourself at your local office store, when you can do the same thing with your home printer and just a few minutes of time.

50 different templates to choose from!


Stamp Album Page Maker

Stamp Album Page Maker

Stamp Album Page Maker

Our software comes in the form of Microsoft Excel templates, pre-layed out with 50 different border styles.  All you need to do is type in your title, select your font size and color and push a button.  Then you enter the parameters for each stamp you want to add, push a button, and voila, a perfectly sized stamp outline box appears that you can drag across the page to any position you want.  Our fully customizable templates allow you to fine tune your design with many fonts, colors, and line styles to choose from.  Everything is preprogrammed in.  Once you decide on your design, you can save the templates as your own, and then come back and always print out the same style pages for your permanent self designed stamp album pages.  As noted earlier, you need a copy of Microsoft Excel 2010 or later, and Windows 7 or later, to run these templates.  If you don't have Excel, the 2010 version is super cheap.  It comes with Microsoft Office.  An old legal copy of Microsoft Office can be bought here on ebay for under $50 usually.  Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Office is not included with this listing.  Our CD includes the 50 Excel templates and a quick start guide in PDF format.




Repeatable Results.

Endless Customization Opportunities.


Stamp Album Page Maker

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