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Dragnet, Dick Tracy, 443 Shows, ALL Known Episodes, Old Time Radio, OTR DVD

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Classic Full length old time radio shows on MP3 format on disk.  Anyone into old time radio will love this disk.  Each book is in high resolution PDF format.



A Double Feature Old Time Radio mp3 DVD

featuring 443 classic episodes of:

368 classic episodes of Dragnet
classic episodes of Dick Tracy


Don't be fooled by other collections that claim to contain more episodes.  Many of these shows were aired on multiple dates in reruns, so you have plenty of sellers out there padding their collections with reruns!  We feature all known episodes in existence and do not add "fluff" to our collections to increase our claimed episode count like many others.  We always include an episode list, so that you can see all the episodes included for yourself.


NOTICE: This collection is all in MP3 format supplied on DVD.  You play this in your computer and then can copy all the MP3 files to your MP3 player of choice.  This DVD will NOT play in a regular CD player in your car, or your TV's DVD player, it is intended for your computer only which will allow you to transfer the MP3 files to any device that can play MP3's.  This collection remains the largest most original collection on ebay.


Dragnet is an American radio series, enacting the cases of a dedicated Los Angeles police detective, Sergeant Joe Friday, and his partners. The show takes its name from the police term "dragnet", meaning a system of coordinated measures for apprehending criminals or suspects.

Dragnet is perhaps the most famous and influential police procedural drama in media history. The series gave audience members a feel for the boredom and drudgery, as well as the danger and heroism, of police work. Dragnet earned praise for improving the public opinion of police officers.

Actor and producer Jack Webb's aims in Dragnet were for realism and unpretentious acting. He achieved both goals, and Dragnet remains a key influence on subsequent police dramas in many media.

The show's cultural impact is such that after five decades, elements of Dragnet are familiar to those who have never seen or heard the program:

The ominous, four-note introduction to the brass and tympani theme music (titled "Danger Ahead") is instantly recognizable (though its origins date to Miklós Rózsa's score for the 1946 film version of The Killers).

Another Dragnet trademark is the show's opening narration: "Ladies and gentlemen: the story you are about to hear is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent." This underwent minor revisions over time. The "only" and "ladies and gentlemen" were dropped at some point. Variations on this narration have been featured in subsequent crime dramas, and in parodies of the dramas (e.g. "Only the facts have been changed to protect the guilty").

FREE BONUS:  We are including at no extra charge, 40 extra Dragnet Specials and different versions of popular shows.  We are also including 115 written scripts to popular shows in PDF format (you will need Adobe Reader to read them), so you can follow along as the characters read them!

The following episodes of Dragnet are included in this DVD in .mp3 format:

49-06-10 Production 2 aka Homicide aka The Nickel Plated Gun 52-01-17 The Big Juvenile Division 54-08-10 The Big Wish
49-06-17 Production 3 aka The Werewolf 52-01-24 The Big Court 54-08-17 The Big Cad
49-06-24 Production 4 aka Homicide aka Quick Trigger Gun Men 52-01-31 The Big Almost No Show 54-08-24 The Big Shock
49-07-07 The Helen Corday Murder 52-02-07 The Big Honeymoon 54-08-31 The Big Office
49-07-14 Red Light Bandit 52-02-14 The Big Phone Call 54-09-07 The Big Trunk
49-07-21 Attempted City Hall Bombing 52-02-21 The Big Producer 54-09-14 The Big Cut
49-07-28 Missing Persons - Juanita Lasky 52-02-28 The Big Plant 54-09-21 The Big Try
49-08-04 Benny Trounsel - Narcotics 52-03-06 The Big Evans 54-09-28 The Big Bible
49-08-11 Production 10 aka Homicide aka Maniac Murderer 52-03-13 The Big Fire 54-10-05 The Big Handsome Bandit
49-08-18 Production 11 aka Sixteen Jewel Thieves 52-03-20 The Big Border 54-10-12 The Big Tarbaby
49-08-25 Police Academy - Mario Koski 52-03-27 The Big Rose 54-10-19 The Big Mannikin
49-09-01 Auto Burglaries - Myra, the Redhead 52-04-03 The Big Streetcar 54-10-26 The Big Key
49-09-03 Eric Kelby - Body Buried In Nursery 52-04-10 The Big Show 54-11-02 The Big Locker
49-09-10 Sullivan Kidnapping 52-04-17 The Big Bunco 54-11-09 The Big Coins
49-09-17 James Vickers - Cop Killing - Tunnel Chase 52-04-24 The Big Elevator 54-11-16 The Big Dog
49-09-24 Brick-Bat Slayer 52-05-01 The Big Safe 54-11-23 The Big Switch
49-10-01 Truck Hi-jackers - Tom Laval 52-05-08 The Big Gamble 54-11-30 The Big Gone
49-10-06 Second Hand Killer 52-05-15 The Big Mail 54-12-07 The Big Dig
49-11-24 Mrs. Rinard, Albert Barry - Mother-In-Law Murder 52-05-22 The Big Shakedown 54-12-14 The Big Lens
49-12-01 Spring Street Gang - Juveniles 52-05-29 The Big Fourth 54-12-21 The Big Little Jesus
49-12-08 George Quan - The Jade Thumb Rings 52-06-05 The Big Whiff 54-12-28 The Big Underground
49-12-15 The Garbage Chute Murder - Laura Barkley 52-06-12 The Big Donation 55-01-04 The Big Mug
49-12-22 22 Rifle for Christmas 52-06-19 The Big Jules 55-01-11 The Big Complex
49-12-29 The Roseland Roof Murders 52-06-26 The Big Roll 55-01-18 The Big Token
50-01-05 Max Tyler - Escaped Convict 52-07-03 The Big Trio 55-01-25 The Big Bounce
50-01-12 The Big Man Part 1 (Narcotics) 52-07-10 The Big Hate 55-02-01 The Big Bird
50-01-19 The Big Man Part 2 (Narcotics) 52-07-31 The Big Signet 55-02-08 The Big Gap
50-02-02 Claude Jimmerson, Child Killer 52-08-07 The Big Impression 55-02-15 The Big Hat
50-02-09 The Big Girl 52-08-14 The Big Drive 55-02-22 The Big Slug
50-02-23 The Big Grifter 52-08-21 The Big Paper 55-03-01 The Big Set-Up
50-03-02 The Big Kill 52-08-28 The Big Test 55-03-08 The Big Father
50-03-09 The Big Thank You 52-09-04 The Big Ray 55-03-15 The Big Set
50-03-16 The Big Boys 52-09-11 The Big Tear 55-03-22 The Big Talk
50-03-23 The Big Gangster Part 1 52-09-14 The Big Bull 55-03-29 The Big Death
50-03-30 The Big Gangster Part 2 52-09-21 The Big Shot 55-04-05 The Big No Tooth
50-04-06 The Big Book 52-09-28 The Big Brain 55-04-12 The Big Tie
50-04-13 The Big Watch 52-10-05 The Big Jolt 55-04-19 The Big Deal
50-04-20 The Big Trial 52-10-12 The Big Lie 55-04-26 The Big Child
50-04-27 The Big Job 52-10-19 The Big Pill 55-05-03 The Big Momma
50-05-04 The Big Badge 52-10-26 The Big Number 55-05-10 The Big Revision
50-05-11 The Big Knife 52-11-02 The Big Light 55-05-17 The Big Squealer
50-05-18 The Big Pug 52-11-09 The Big Dive 55-05-24 The Big Siege
50-05-25 The Big Key 52-11-16 The Big Walk 55-05-31 The Big Sisters
50-06-01 The Big Fake 52-11-23 The Big Guilt 55-06-07 The Big Limp
50-06-08 The Big Smart Guy 52-11-30 The Big Shirt 55-06-14 The Big Fall Guy
50-06-15 The Big Purse 52-12-07 The Big Mole 55-06-21 The Big Grab
50-06-22 The Big Mink 52-12-14 The Big Eavesdrop 55-06-28 The Big Convertible
50-06-29 The Big Grab 52-12-28 The Big Mask Part 1 55-07-05 The Big Rush
50-07-06 The Big Frame 53-01-04 The Big Mask Part 2 55-07-12 The Big Genius
50-07-13 The Big Bomb 53-01-11 The Big Small 55-07-19 The Big Bobo
50-07-20 The Big Gent Part 1 53-01-18 The Big String 55-07-26 The Big Housemaid
50-07-27 The Big Gent Part 2 53-01-25 The Big Lay-Out 55-08-02 The Big Sheet
50-08-03 The Big Dare 53-02-01 The Big Strip 55-08-09 The Big Missus
50-08-10 The Big Actor 53-02-08 The Big Press 55-08-16 The Big Beer
50-08-17 The Big Youngster 53-02-15 The Big Tooth 55-08-23 The Big Blonde
50-08-24 The Big Chance 53-02-22 The Big Smoke 55-08-30 The Big Fellow
50-08-31 The Big Check 53-03-01 The Big Want 55-09-06 The Big Ruling
50-09-07 The Big Poison 53-03-08 The Big Laugh 55-09-13 The Big Daughter
50-09-14 The Big Make 53-03-15 The Big Impossible 55-09-20 The Big Close
50-09-21 The Big Pair 53-03-22 The Big Informant 55-09-27 The Big Shot
50-09-28 The Big Death 53-03-29 The Big Dream 55-10-04 The Big Brain
50-10-05 The Big 38 53-04-05 The Big Chet 55-10-11 The Big Jolt
50-10-12 The Big Quack 53-04-12 The Big Compulsion 55-10-18 The Big Lie
50-10-19 The Big Grandma 53-04-19 The Big Rip 55-10-25 The Big Pill
50-10-26 The Big Meet 53-04-26 The Big Scrapbook 55-11-01 The Big Number
50-11-02 The Big Church 53-05-03 The Big Carney 55-11-08 The Big Light
50-11-09 The Big Mother 53-05-10 The Big Joke 55-11-15 The Big Dive
50-11-16 The Big Parrot 53-05-17 The Big False Move 55-11-22 The Big Walk
50-11-23 The Big Betty 53-05-24 The Big Gun Part 1 55-11-29 The Big Guilt
50-11-30 The Big Car 53-05-31 The Big Gun Part 2 55-12-06 The Big Shirt
50-12-07 The Big Picture 53-06-07 The Big Will 55-12-13 The Big Mole
50-12-14 The Big Break 53-06-14 The Big Lilly 55-12-27 The Big Mask Part 1
50-12-28 The Big Family 53-06-21 The Big Revolt 56-01-03 The Big Mask Part 2
51-01-04 The Big Holdup 53-06-28 The Big Ham 56-01-10 The Big Small
51-01-11 The Big Jump 53-09-01 The Big Bop 56-01-17 The Big String
51-01-18 The Big Dance 53-09-08 The Big Lift 56-01-24 The Big Lay-Out
51-01-25 The Big Tomato 53-09-15 The Big Cab 56-01-31 The Big Strip
51-02-01 The Big Children 53-09-22 The Big Slip 56-02-07 The Big Press
51-02-08 The Big Cast 53-09-29 The Big Try 56-02-14 The Big Tooth
51-02-15 The Big Crime 53-10-06 The Big Little Mother 56-02-21 The Big Smoke
51-02-22 The Big Couple 53-10-13 The Big Plea 56-02-28 The Big Want
51-03-01 The Big Partner 53-10-20 The Big Paint 56-03-06 The Big Laugh
51-03-08 The Big New Years 53-10-27 The Big Fraud 56-03-13 The Big Impossible
51-03-15 The Big Ben 53-11-03 The Big Rain 56-03-20 22 Rifle for Christmas
51-04-05 The Big Friend 53-11-10 The Big Kid 56-03-27 The Big Informant
51-04-12 The Big Threat 53-11-17 The Big Flight 56-04-03 The Big Dream
51-04-19 The Big Speech 53-11-24 The Big Present 56-04-10 The Big Chet
51-04-26 The Big Saint 53-12-01 The Big Odd 56-04-17 The Big Compulsion
51-05-03 The Big Casing 53-12-08 The Big Pick 56-04-24 The Big Rip
51-05-10 The Big Drills 53-12-15 The Big Brink 56-05-01 The Big Scrapbook
51-05-17 The Big Blast 53-12-22 The Big Little Jesus 56-05-08 The Big Carney
51-05-24 The Big Mailman 53-12-29 The Big Steal 56-05-15 The Big Joke
51-05-31 The Big Bindle 54-01-05 The Big Listen 56-05-22 The Big False Move
51-06-07 The Big Imposter 54-01-12 The Big Switch 56-05-29 The Big Gun Part 1
51-06-14 The Big Building 54-01-19 The Big Bill 56-06-05 The Big Gun Part 2
51-06-21 The Big Run 54-01-26 The Big Bid 56-06-12 The Big Will
51-06-28 The Big Cliff 54-02-02 The Big Filth 56-06-19 The Big Lilly
51-07-05 The Big Love 54-02-09 The Big Broad 56-06-26 The Big Revolt
51-07-12 The Big Set-Up 54-02-16 The Big Sucker 56-09-18 The Big Ham
51-07-19 The Big Sophomore 54-02-23 The Big Pipe 56-09-25 The Big Bop
51-07-26 The Big Late Script 54-03-02 The Big TV 56-10-02 The Big Lift
51-08-09 The Big Screen 54-03-09 The Big Cup 56-10-09 The Big Cab
51-08-16 The Big Winchester 54-03-16 The Big Rod 56-10-16 The Big Slip
51-08-23 The Big In-Laws 54-03-23 The Big Mustache 56-10-23 The Big Flight
51-08-30 The Big Crazy 54-03-30 The Big Confession 56-10-30 The Big Present
51-09-06 The Big 17 54-04-06 The Big Saw 56-11-06 The Big Odd
51-09-13 The Big Waiter 54-04-13 The Big Note 56-11-13 The Big Pick
51-09-20 The Big Sour 54-04-20 The Big Net 56-11-20 The Big Brink
51-09-27 The Big September Man 54-04-27 The Big Lift 56-11-27 The Big Steal
51-10-04 The Big Want Ad 54-05-04 The Big Stop 56-12-04 The Big Listen
51-10-11 The Big Shoplift 54-05-11 The Big Look 56-12-11 The Big Switch
51-10-18 The Big Story Man 54-05-18 The Big Help 56-12-18 The Big Bill
51-10-25 The Big Market 54-05-25 The Big Watch 56-12-25 The Big Little Jesus
51-11-01 The Big Lease 54-06-01 The Big Cowboy 57-01-01 The Big Bid
51-11-08 The Big Hit and Run Killer 54-06-08 The Big Student 57-01-08 The Big Filth
51-11-15 The Big Bungalow 54-06-15 The Big Cat 57-01-15 The Big Broad
51-11-22 The Big Hands 54-06-22 The Big Customer 57-01-22 The Big Sucker
51-11-29 The Big Affair 54-06-29 The Big Chick 57-01-29 The Big Pipe
51-12-06 The Big Canaries 54-07-06 The Big Search 57-02-05 The Big TV
51-12-13 The Big Overtime 54-07-13 The Big Rescue 57-02-12 The Big Cup
51-12-27 The Big Sorrow 54-07-20 The Big Heel 57-02-19 The Big Rod
52-01-03 The Big Red Part 1 54-07-27 The Big Match 57-02-26 The Big Mustache
52-01-10 The Big Red Part 2 54-08-03 The Big Stand  

Dick Tracy:

One of the longest running young-adult-oriented old radio shows during the golden age of radio was the widely popular "Dick Tracy." The series aired over a period of 14 years, from 1934 - 1948, and was based on a newspaper comic strip. This juvenile police detective radio program began as a 15-minute show which was later extended to a full 30-minutes due to popular demand. The series’ central theme was crime-fighting taken to a higher level by the many mind boggling plot twists the shows writer’s came up with. What set Dick Tracy apart from other old time radio serializations was his use of high-tech and ultra-modern gadgets to fight the forces of evil. He was never without his faithful sidekick Pat Patton and his band of merry followers, Junior Tracy and Tess Trueheart.

The following episodes of Dick Tracy are included in this DVD in .mp3 format:

PREMIERE Tess Disappears  The Case of the Dark Corridor
Black Pearl of Osiris The Case Of The Firebug Murders
Pat Goes Overboard The Case of the Broken Window 1
Mystery in the Hotel The Case of the Broken Window 2
Dick Shot in the Leg The Case of the Campus Murder
Dick Gets Ring of Osiris Case of the Campus Murder
Dick Finds the Black Pearl The Case of the Careless Black Widow
Agent Is Murdered The Case of the Moth and the Flame 1
Going After the Ring The Case of the Moth and the Flame 2
Dick Captures Gang The Case Of The Graveyard Watch
Pat Hypnotized The Case of the No-Account Swindle
Dick Captured The Case of the Crooked Finger
Escape The Case of the Unfunny Clowns
Junior Kidnapped The Case of the Sinister Second
Junior Escapes The Case of the Low Hi-jack 1
Case Of The Firebug Murders The Case of the Low Hi-jack 2
Mounties at Pitchblend The Case of the Low Hi-jack 3
Snow Slide The Case of the Book of Four Kings 1
Who Is the Purple Rider The Case of the Book of Four Kings 2
Junior Is Kidnapped The Case of the Book of Four Kings 3
Junior Sends a Mirror Message The Case of the Honorable Mr Malice 1
Junior Rescued by and Captures Purple Rider The Case of the Honorable Mr Malice 2
Dick Lassoes the Purple Rider The Case of the Honorable Mr Malice 3
The Purple Rider Exposed The Case of the Deadly Tip Off - Pt1
Tracy Rescued and Kyle Captured The Case of the Deadly Tip Off - Pt2
Invisible Ink The Case of the Deadly Tip Off - Pt3
Doc Benson is Released by the DA Escapes The Case of the Poisonous Timber 1
The Case of the Hooting Owl The Case of the Poisonous Timber 2
Espionage at the Circus Junior has gone undercover at the circus The Case of the Poisonous Timber 3
The Case Of The Empty Safe The Case of the Big Black Box 1
On the Trail of the Nighthawks The Case of the Big Black Box 2
The Case of the Pigeon Cut Blood Ruby The Case of the Positive Negative 1
The Case of the Buried Treasure The Case of the Positive Negative 2
The Case of the Man Without a Head 1 The Case of the Mermaids Mirrors 3
The Case of the Man Without a Head 2 The Case of the Careless Crooner
The Case of the Man Without a Head 3 The Trail of the Night Hawks
The Case of the Trained Seal Flattop
New Mystery Begins  

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