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The Couple Next Door, 1,022 Classic Old Time Radio Drama Shows, OTR mp3 DVD

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Classic Full length old time radio shows on MP3 format on disk.  Anyone into old time radio will love this disk.  This disk is for a computer, not for a CD player.



A Double Feature Old Time Radio mp3 DVD

featuring 1,022 classic episodes of:

 Nightwatch old time radio The Couple Next Door old time radio

729 classic broadcasts of The Couple Next Door
classic broadcasts Nightwatch
233 more bonus classic Old Time Radio Shows


Don't be fooled by other collections that claim to contain more episodes.  Many of these shows were aired on multiple dates in reruns, so you have plenty of sellers out there padding their collections with reruns!  We feature all known episodes in existence and do not add "fluff" to our collections to increase our claimed episode count like many others. 

NOTICE: This collection is all in MP3 format supplied on DVD.  You play this in your computer and then can copy all the MP3 files to your MP3 player of choice.  This DVD will NOT play in a regular CD player in your car, or your TV's DVD player, it is intended for your computer only which will allow you to transfer the MP3 files to any device that can play MP3's.  This collection remains the largest most original collection on ebay.

The Couple Next Door:

The Couple Next Door was a Peg Lynch series which began in 1953-57 on Chicago's WGN, moving to the Mutual Broadcasting System in the summer of 1957. The married couple was played by Olan Soule and Elinor Harriot. It was revived on CBS Radio (December 30, 1957-November 25, 1960) with Peg Lynch and Alan Bunce as the unnamed married couple---essentially, it reprised Ethel and Albert but the new name was necessitated because Lynch had long since lost the rights to the original title. That still wasn't the end of the show---Lynch and Bunce brought the show to NBC's legendary weekend programming block Monitor in 1963, performing three- to four-minute vignettes not unlike the original fifteen-minute shows. Their presence continued a kind-of Monitor tradition of offering new material from classic radio favourites (including James and Marian Jordan of Fibber McGee and Molly fame, until Marian Jordan's death). Even more, it returned yet again in the 1970s, as a syndicated radio feature known as The Little Things in Life.


Before the recent "Reality TV" glut, there was "Reality Radio" and Night Watch was there. This show is a straight crime documentary with no music, sound effects, or actors.

Police reporter Don Reid rode in a prowl car on the night shift with officers from the Culver City, California police department. While wearing a hidden microphone, he captures the sounds and voices of real life drama. From the worried child to the hardened criminal, their stories come through loud and clear.

The names were changed to protect identities, but everything else in this gripping series is real.

And more Bonus Radio Shows:

As a sampler of our old time radio library, we are including these classic old time radio shows on this DVD-ROM at no extra charge:

 Compact Classics  Dean Faussner and Anita Carroll  Douglas of the World
 Compendium Cliche' Productions  December Bride  Dramas of the Courts
 A Date with Judy  Destination Freedom  Dreier's Analysis
 Dawnbuster  Doorway to Life  Raising a Husband
 Day of the Triffids  Dorothy Kilgallen  Rate Your Mate

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