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The Whistler + Mysterious Traveler, ALL 601 Shows, Old Time Radio, OTR, DVD

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Classic Full length old time radio shows on MP3 format on disk.  Anyone into old time radio will love this disk.  Each book is in high resolution PDF format.



A Double Feature Old Time Radio mp3 DVD

featuring 601 classic episodes of:

527 classic episodes of The Whistler
classic episodes of The Mysterious Traveler


Don't be fooled by other collections that claim to contain more episodes.  Many of these shows were aired on multiple dates in reruns, so you have plenty of sellers out there padding their collections with reruns!  We feature all known episodes in existence and do not add "fluff" to our collections to increase our claimed episode count like many others.  We always include an episode list, so that you can see all the episodes included for yourself.

NOTICE: This collection is all in MP3 format supplied on DVD.  You play this in your computer and then can copy all the MP3 files to your MP3 player of choice.  This DVD will NOT play in a regular CD player in your car, or your TV's DVD player, it is intended for your computer only which will allow you to transfer the MP3 files to any device that can play MP3's.  This collection remains the largest most original collection on ebay.

The Whistler:

The radio program, The Whistler, was first heard over the airwaves on May 16, 1942. The Whistler was part of the CBS radio network, sponsored by the Signal Oil Company. This radio drama was broadcast primarily on the West-Coast of the United States.

However, there were two attempts to broadcast
The Whistler on the East-Coast. In 1946, the Campbell Soup Company sponsored The Whistler on the East-Coast.  And from 1947 to 1948, Household Finance sponsored an East-Coast version of The Whistler. In addition, a local Chicago radio station, WBBM, aired a version of
The Whistler
. The Chicago version was sponsored by Meister Brau Beer.

The Whistler radio program was famous for it's opening (which included someone whistling and making footstep sounds). Then, the Whistler's voice would narrate the featured story. Bill Forman is considered to have played the Whistler the most.  The character, known only as the Whistler, was the host and narrator of the tales, which focused on crime and fate. He often commented directly upon the action in the manner of a Greek chorus, taunting the characters, guilty or innocent, from an omniscient perspective. The stories followed a formula in which a person's criminal acts were typically undone either by an overlooked but important detail or by the criminal's own stupidity. An ironic ending, often grim, was a key feature of each episode. But on rare occasions, such as "Christmas Bonus" broadcast on Christmas Day 1944, the plot's twist of fate caused the story to end happily for the protagonist.

On September 22, 1955,
The Whistler ended it's run on radio. The Whistler, I consider, one of the finest dramatic radio programs ever produced. Listen and enjoy....THE WHISTLER!

The following episodes of The Whistler are included in this DVD in .mp3 format:

42-05-16 Retribution 46-05-20 Broken Chain 49-03-20 Death of Mr Penny 51-10-21 Alias Mister Alden
42-06-13 Shrunken Head 46-06-03 The Judas Face 49-03-27 Beyond the Wall 51-10-28 Doctor's Wife
42-06-27 Notes in the Night 46-06-10 Quiet Sunday 49-04-03 The Rawhide Coffin 51-11-04 Man on the Run
42-08-22 Death Has a Thirst 46-06-17 Affair at Stoney Ridge 49-04-10 Murder at Twin Pines 51-11-11 Three Minus One Equals Murder
42-08-29 The Letter 46-06-24 Blind Bet 49-04-17 Sleep My Pretty One 51-11-25 The Clay Tree
42-09-05 House of Greed 46-07-01 Solid Citizen 49-04-24 A Mask for Kinsella 51-12-02 End of the Road
42-09-13 Mirage 46-07-08 Confession 49-05-01 Solid Citizen 51-12-09 The Other Hand
42-09-20 Fog 46-07-15 Custom Built Blond 49-05-08 Danger Is a Beautiful Blond 51-12-16 Curiosity Killed the Cat
42-09-27 Jealousy 46-07-29 The Sell-Out 49-05-15 Golden Opportunity 51-12-23 Christmas Gift
42-10-04 Urge to Kill 46-08-05 Bullet Proof 49-05-22 Fatal Fraud 51-12-30 Fatal Step
42-10-11 Malice 46-08-12 Stolen Murder 49-05-29 Deal with Death 52-01-06 Episode at Thunder Mountain
42-10-18 Death Comes at Midnight 46-08-19 Delivery Guaranteed 49-06-05 Letter to Melanie 52-01-20 Bad Penny
42-10-25 The Alibi 46-08-21 Broken Chain 49-06-12 Perfect Alibi 52-01-27 Borrowed Byline
42-11-15 Apparition 46-09-02 Stranger in the House 49-06-19 That Physical Fact 52-02-03 Shakedown
42-11-22 The Other Woman 46-09-09 Witness at the Fountain 49-06-26 Final Decree 52-02-10 Little Red Book
42-11-29 Avarice 46-09-11 A Brief Pause For Murder 49-07-03 Panic on Mulberry Street 52-02-17 Rose for Pamela
42-12-13 The Accounting 46-09-16 The Brass Ring 49-07-10 Front Man 52-02-24 A Matter of Time
42-12-27 Double-Cross 46-10-07 A Present for Ricky 49-07-17 Death in Sixteen Millimeter 52-03-02 Whirlpool-
43-01-03 The Weakling 46-10-14 Weak Sister 49-07-24 The Hermit 52-03-09 Breakaway
43-01-10 The Nemesis 46-10-21 Masquerade 49-07-31 Brotherly Hate 52-03-16 Marked Man
43-01-17 The Thief 46-10-28 Backfire 49-08-07 The Trigger Man 52-03-23 Ski Master
43-01-24 Mind over Matter 46-11-11 The Deadly Penny 49-08-14 Best Friend 52-03-30 Homecoming
43-01-31 The Confession 46-11-25 Two Year Plan 49-08-21 The Confession 52-04-06 Element X
43-02-07 In the Dark 46-12-09 With My Own Eyes 49-08-28 The Eager Pigeon 52-04-27 Saturday Night
43-02-14 Legacy of Death 46-12-23 Next Year Is Mine 49-09-04 Smart Girl 52-05-04 Lady in Waiting
43-02-21 Fool's Gold 46-12-30 Murder on Rourke Island 49-09-11 Brief Pause for Murder 52-05-11 A Matter of Odds
43-03-28 The Penalty 47-01-06 Dear Roger 49-09-18 Poor Henry 52-05-18 Determined Traveler
43-05-01 The Killers 47-01-13 The Choice 49-09-25 Incident at Arroyo Grande 52-05-25 Charming Hostess
43-05-08 Death Has a Thirst- 47-01-20 Last Curtain 49-10-02 A Woman's Privilege 52-06-08 Man in the Way
43-05-15 The Man Who Waited 47-01-27 Night Melody 49-10-09 A Rose for Pamela 52-06-15 Last Message
43-06-05 Shadow of a Mind 47-02-03 Seven Steps to Murder 49-10-16 Best Man 52-06-29 Night Flight
43-06-12 Justice 47-02-10 Safety in Numbers 49-10-23 Debt of Honor 52-07-06 Triple Play
43-06-19 House of Fear 47-02-12 Seven Steps To Murder 49-10-30 Ticket to Murder 52-07-27 You Can't Trust a Stranger
43-06-26 The Blank Wall 47-02-17 A Woman's Privilege 49-11-06 The New Mrs Devlin 52-08-03 Dark Island
43-07-02 The Avengers 47-02-24 Eight to Twelve 49-11-13 Incident at Pebble Cove 52-08-24 Final Papers
43-07-09 An Eye for an Eye 47-03-03 Blue Legend 49-11-20 Letters from Aaron Burr 52-09-07 The Secret of Chalk Point
43-08-13 Death in the Air 47-03-10 Murder of Byron Blake 49-11-27 Clever Mister Farley 52-10-12 One Dark Night
43-09-03 Destiny 47-03-17 Mavis Cameron Disappears 49-12-04 Impulse 52-10-19 The Prosecutor
43-09-10 Tangled Web 47-03-24 The Lady and the Knife 49-12-11 Swan Song 52-11-23 The Calculator
43-09-24 Blind Alley 47-03-31 The Blank Wall- 49-12-18 Patroness of Murder 52-11-30 So Soon
43-10-03 Mirage- 47-04-07 The Sheriff's Assistant 49-12-25 Letter from Cynthia 52-12-21 Christmas Bonus-
43-11-21 Patients for the Doctor 47-04-14 Maid of Honor 50-01-01 Evening Stroll 53-05-03 The Disappearing Woman
43-12-05 The Twin 47-04-21 Backlash 50-01-08 Return to Riondo 53-07-05 Glass Dime
43-12-19 Death Demands a Payment 47-04-28 The Black Book 50-01-15 Escape to Skull Island 53-07-19 Silver Service
44-02-13 Murder in the Mind 47-05-05 Windfall 50-01-22 The Go-Between 53-10-04 Death Claim
44-06-11 The Doctor Prescribes Death 47-05-12 18 Bowden Lane 50-01-29 Burden of Guilt 53-10-11 Ticket to Nowhere
44-07-23 Last of the Devereaux 47-05-19 Hasty Conclusion 50-02-05 Ladies' Man 53-10-18 Girl in Black
44-07-30 Till Death Do Us Part 47-05-26 Fateful Friday 50-02-12 Desert Reckoning 53-11-08 Impulse
44-09-03 Practically Foolproof 47-06-02 Caesar's Wife 50-02-19 Five Cent Call 53-11-15 Fading Star
44-09-10 Local Storm 47-06-09 Juggernaut 50-02-26 Appointment for Murder 53-11-22 Perilous Meeting
44-09-18 Black Magic 47-06-16 Ambassador of Death 50-03-05 The Chinese Elephant Puzzle 53-11-29 Lady on a Yacht
44-09-25 Married to Murder 47-06-23 The Gentle Way 50-03-12 Strange Meeting 53-12-06 Generous Host
44-10-02 Not If I Kill You First 47-07-09 The Two Lives of Colby Fletcher 50-03-19 Oriana Affair 53-12-20 The Huntress
44-10-09 Finders Weepers 47-07-16 Beyond Reasonable Doubt 50-03-26 Lady in the Snow 53-12-27 Lonely Highway
44-10-16 The Tale The Dead Man Told 47-07-30 Borrowed Byline 50-04-02 Lady with a Key 54-01-10 Fatal Fraud
44-10-23 Death Carries a Lunch Kit (harp in opening) 47-08-06 Dark Future 50-04-09 Dark Voyage 54-01-24 Garvey's Folly
44-10-23 Death Carries a Lunch Kit (horn in opening) 47-08-13 Whispered Verdict 50-04-16 Murder in Mind 54-01-31 Dance Team
44-10-30 The Beloved Fraud 47-08-20 Girl Next Door 50-04-23 Return with the Spray 54-02-07 Man from Calais
44-11-13 Beware the Bridegroom 47-08-27 Curtain Call 50-04-30 Gratitude 54-02-28 Feature Story
44-11-20 Death Sees Double 47-09-03 The Eleventh Hour 50-05-07 Fatal Error 54-03-07 Hudson Bay Incident
44-11-27 Death Walks a Tightwire 47-09-10 Bridge on Black Mountain 50-05-14 Blue Alibi 54-03-14 Escape to Doom
44-12-04 Doctor Operates in Crime 47-09-24 Sleep My Pretty One 50-05-21 The Return 54-03-21 Perilous Weekend
44-12-11 Lie or Consequences 47-10-08 Career Man 50-06-04 Caesar's Wife 54-04-18 Days of Fear
44-12-18 Windfall 47-10-15 Man of Distinction 50-06-11 Rebound 54-04-25 Spell in Green
44-12-25 Christmas Bonus 47-10-22 A Case for Mister Carrington 50-06-18 Jessica 54-05-09 Gentlemen from Oxford
45-01-01 Two for the Money 47-10-29 The Back Door 50-06-25 Manhunt 54-05-16 She Wanted Too Much
45-01-08 The Body Wouldn't Stay in the Bay 47-11-05 The Big Prison 50-07-02 Quiet Sunday- 54-05-23 The Doll's Name Was Suzy
45-01-15 Murder Has a Signature 47-11-19 Dark Moon 50-07-09 Devoted Couple 54-05-30 That Cutlerville Affair
45-01-22 Seascape 47-11-26 The Body Off Billingsgate 50-07-16 Attorney for the Defense 54-06-06 Round Trip Tickets
45-01-29 Murder on Paper 47-12-10 Wedding Gift 50-07-23 The Cliffs at Weyrum 54-06-13 Dark Pattern
45-02-05 Murder Is Legal 47-12-17 Murder in Haste 50-07-30 With My Own Eyes- 54-07-18 Mister Pettibone's Last Journey
45-02-19 The Dead Man Laughed 47-12-24 Decision 50-08-06 Double Exposure 54-07-25 Anything for a Friend
45-02-26 Murder Opens A Gate aka Gateway To Danger 47-12-31 The First Year 50-08-20 Finale 54-08-01 Borrowed Future
45-03-05 Danger Is a Beautiful Blond 48-01-07 Comeback 50-08-27 Undercurrent 54-08-22 Traveling Companion
45-03-12 Death Marks the Double Cross 48-01-14 Silent Partner 50-09-03 Whirlwind 54-08-29 Quadrangle
45-03-19 Murder Will Shout 48-01-21 Twelve Portraits of Marcia 50-09-10 Golden Penny 54-09-19 Song Team
45-04-02 Return of the Innocent 48-01-28 Night Final 50-09-17 Deadly Rumor 54-10-03 Stolen Letter
45-04-16 To Rent Danger 48-02-04 Undertow 50-09-24 That Hemsley Affair 54-10-17 Last Request
45-04-23 Meet Mr Death 48-02-11 Money Is The Root Of All Evil 50-10-01 Dear Diary 54-12-12 The Prosecutor
45-04-30 The Master's Tree 48-02-18 Quiet Suicide 50-10-08 Fatal Action 55-01-23 One Dark Night
45-05-07 Accident-According to Plans 48-02-25 Meeting on Tenth Street 50-10-15 Smart Boy 55-02-06 Whirlpool
45-05-21 The Man Who Bought Death 48-03-03 Boiling Point 50-10-22 The Wall 55-02-13 Element X
45-05-28 Escape to Danger 48-03-10 Return Engagement 50-10-29 The Intruder 55-02-20 Undercurrent
45-06-04 Murder Is Blind 48-03-17 The Human Catalyst 50-11-05 Just Like a Man 55-02-24 Bright Boy
45-06-11 Death Pays a Visit 48-03-24 The Dark Room 50-11-12 A Friendly Case of Blackmail 55-03-03 The Alibi
45-06-18 Blueprint for Suicide 48-03-31 Bird of Prey 50-11-19 Warm Reception 55-03-10 Seven Steps to Murder
45-06-25 Death Watch 48-04-07 What Makes a Murderer 50-11-26 Till Death Do Us Part 55-03-24 Backfire
45-07-02 Deadly Innocent 48-04-14 Till Death Do Us Part 50-12-03 The Lady With the Knife 55-03-31 The Ambassador
45-07-09 Highway of Escape 48-04-21 Silent City 50-12-10 Clock on the Tower 55-04-21 Incident at Chalk Point
45-07-16 Pattern for Terror 48-04-28 Tough Guy 50-12-17 Flee from Evil 55-04-28 Letters from Aaron Burr
45-07-23 Let George Do It 48-05-12 Chain Reaction 50-12-24 Three Wise Guys 55-05-05 The Lovely Look
45-07-30 Summer Thunder 48-05-19 Murder on Margin 50-12-31 The Big Jump 55-05-12 Night Melody
45-08-06 The Man Who Came to Murder 48-06-02 Stranger in the House- 51-01-07 Hit and Run 55-05-19 A Case for Mister Carrington
45-08-13 What Makes a Murderer 48-06-16 Concerto of Death 51-01-14 The Little Things 55-06-02 The First Year-
45-08-20 X Marks the Murderer 48-06-30 Small Town Girl 51-01-21 Treasure Hunt- 55-06-09 A Woman's Privilege
45-08-27 I'll Trade You Murder 48-07-07 Fatal Appointment 51-01-28 Trade Mark 55-06-30 Lady in Waiting
45-09-03 Ambition Perilous 48-07-21 Farewell Party 51-02-04 Murder over Burma 55-07-07 The Big Prison
45-09-10 Phone Call from Death 48-07-28 Lady from the Sea 51-02-11 Spell in Green 55-08-04 The Havana Lee
45-09-17 Sing a Song of Murder 48-08-04 Question of Murder 51-02-18 Man in the Storm 55-08-11 Marked Man
45-09-24 The Man Who Died Twice 48-08-11 Enough Rope 51-02-25 Murder Arrangement 55-08-18 A Present for Ricky
45-10-01 Death Wears a White Robe 48-08-18 Bright Future 51-03-04 Helping Hand 55-08-25 Little Red Book
45-10-08 Death Laughs Last 48-08-25 Trio of Rogues 51-03-11 High Death 55-09-08 Design for Murder
45-10-15 House on Sycamore Road 48-09-01 Payment in Full 51-03-18 Jackson Street Affair 54-10-07 Search for an Unknown
45-10-22 One Man Jury 48-09-15 Uncle Ben's Widow 51-03-25 His Own Reward 54-10-14 Backfire
45-10-29 Final Return 48-09-22 Still Death 51-04-01 Man in a Corner 54-10-21 Cup O'Gold
45-11-05 Harvest of Death 48-09-29 Conspiracy 51-04-08 A Trip to Aunt Sarah's 54-11-04 Letter from Aaron Burr
45-11-12 The Seeing Eye 48-10-03 Big Gamble 51-04-15 Triple Cross 54-12-02 Fatal Fraud
45-11-19 Coincidence 48-10-10 Whirlpool 51-04-22 Kind Thought 54-12-01 Grave Secret
45-11-26 The Stray Dream 48-10-17 Package for Emily 51-04-29 Clayton Affair 54-12-16 Lady in Waiting
45-12-03 Poison Is Quicker 48-10-24 Search for an Unknown 51-05-06 Two and One Makes Murder 54-12-28 The Big Jump
45-12-10 The Cistern 48-10-31 Letter from Yesterday 51-05-13 A Matter of Courtesy 55-01-01 Canceled Flight
45-12-17 Lucky Night 48-11-07 Cover Up 51-05-20 Custom-Made Murder 55-01-10 The Blank Wall
45-12-31 Miracle on 49th Street 48-11-14 Nightmare 51-05-27 Seattle Take Three 55-01-26 Sleep My Pretty One
46-01-07 The Thin Line 48-11-21 The Lovely Look 51-06-03 Tall Thin Man 55-02-03 The Pattern
46-01-14 Hit and Run 48-11-28 Murder in Paradise 51-06-10 Law of Physics 55-02-17 The Jubilee Earring
46-01-21 Treasure Hunt 48-12-05 Hired Alibi 51-06-17 The Man in the Trench Coat 55-03-09 The Glass Dime
46-01-28 The Strange Sisters 48-12-12 Stormy Weather 51-06-24 Murder of Byron Blake 55-03-16 The Lovely Look
46-02-04 Panic 48-12-19 The Hangtree Affair 51-07-01 The House on Hainsley Boulevard 55-03-23 The Other Hand
46-02-11 Six Letter Word for Death 48-12-26 Delayed Christmas Present 51-07-08 The Witness 55-03-30 A Case for Mr. Carrington
46-02-25 Murder in Haste 49-01-02 Man on the Roof 51-07-22 Autumn Song 55-04-06 The Man Who Ran
46-03-04 Decision 49-01-09 Tell Tale Brand 51-07-29 Danger Is a Beautiful Blond 55-04-20 Death Sentence
46-03-11 Boomerang 49-01-16 Shakedown 51-08-05 Design for Murder 55-04-27 Dark Hour
46-03-18 The Master's Touch 49-01-23 Impulse 51-08-12 Fateful Reminder 55-05-08 The First Year
46-03-25 The Trigger Man 49-01-30 All Damage Covered 51-08-26 She Never Would Be Missed 55-05-24 Meeting on 10th Street
46-04-01 Three Times a Sinner 49-02-06 The Cheat 51-09-02 Public Hero 55-06-04 Silent Partner
46-04-08 Terror Stricken 49-02-13 Last Curtain 51-09-09 Guilty Conscience 55-06-07 An Actors Life
46-04-15 Smart Boy 49-02-20 Ticket to Paris 51-09-16 A Matter of Patience 55-06-17 Triggerman
46-04-22 Waterford Case 49-02-27 Grave Secret 51-09-30 Two Smart People 55-06-24 Marriage Contract
46-05-06 Bright Horizon 49-03-13 Search for Maxine 51-10-14 Partners in Crime  

The Mysterious Traveler:

The Mysterious Traveler was first heard on the Mutual Broadcasting System on December 5, 1943. The program aired stories that were written from various genres of fiction. Some episodes were science fiction in nature, some were fantasy, and some were crime dramas.

Robert Arthur and David Kogan wrote and directed the episodes for The Mysterious Traveler. Maurice Tarplin, who played the title role, narrated the tales (much like the The Whistler radio program). Each week, Mr. Tarplin invited listeners to take a journey on a train headed "into the strange and terrifying" world of fiction.

The haunting wail of a distant locomotive provided great atmosphere (and imagery) for the listening audience. Jack Ward, a NBC organist,  played sinister sounds from his organ during Mysterious Traveler broadcasts.

The Mysterious Traveler aired on radio station, WOR.  WOR was the New York flagship station of the Mutual Broadcasting System. Mutual was considered one of the "Big Four" national radio networks during the golden age of radio.

On September 16, 1952, the last episode of The Mysterious Traveler aired. There were over 300 episodes of The Mysterious Traveler program. At the moment, only about 70 episodes survive in circulation.  All known episodes are included on this DVD.

The following episodes of The Mysterious Traveler are included in this DVD in .mp3 format:

House of Death Invitation To Death Operation Tomorrow
The Good Die Young The Man in the Black Derby Death at Fifty Fathoms
Beware of Tomorrow The Man Who Died Twice I Died Last Night
The Accusing Corpse They Struck It Rich SOS
Queen of the Cats Murder in Jazz Time Lady in Red
Death Laughs Last I Won't Die Alone Killer at Large
Man The Insects Hated Death Writes a Letter Killer Come Home
They Who Sleep Murder Is My Business Knives of Death
Case of Charles Foster Queen of the Cats The Planet Zevius
Death Comes to Adolf Hitler Zero Hour Fire in the Sky
Murder Goes Free The Man Who Vanished The Man Who Knew Everything
Death Is the Visitor The Visiting Corpse Behind the Locked Door
No One On the Line Death Has a Thousand Faces Speak Of The Devil
Symphony of Death Death Rings Down the Curtain The Most Famous Man in the World
If You Believe Till Death Do Us Part Hide Out
New Year's Nightmare Devil & the Deep Blue Sea Christmas Story
Woman in Black Death Has a Cold Breath It's Only Money
Dark Destiny Out of the Past Key Witness
Mind over Murder No Grave Can Hold Me Change of Address
Death Is the Judge The Case of Charles Foster Stranger in the House
The Locomotive Ghost The Last Survivor Strange New World
The Man the Insects Hated Survival of the Fittest Murder in 2952
Murder at Their Heels The Man Who Tried to Save Lincoln The Haunted Trailer
Vacation from Life The Big Brain The Green Plague
Death Is My Caller The Man from Singapore  

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