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Zero Hour, I Love a Mystery, All Known 701 Old Time Radio Shows MP3 DVD

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Classic Full length old time radio shows on MP3 format on disk.  Anyone into old time radio will love this disk.  Each book is in high resolution PDF format.



A Double Feature Old Time Radio mp3 DVD

featuring 701 classic episodes of:

Zero Hour old time radio

131 classic episodes of Zero Hour
classic episodes of I Love a Mystery
349 bonus classic Old Time Radio Shows


Don't be fooled by other collections that claim to contain more episodes.  Many of these shows were aired on multiple dates in reruns, so you have plenty of sellers out there padding their collections with reruns!  We feature all known episodes in existence and do not add "fluff" to our collections to increase our claimed episode count like many others.  We always include an episode list in our online listings here, so that you can see all the episodes included for yourself.

NOTICE: This collection is all in MP3 format supplied on DVD.  You play this in your computer and then can copy all the MP3 files to your MP3 player of choice.  This DVD will NOT play in a regular CD player in your car, or your TV's DVD player, it is intended for your computer only which will allow you to transfer the MP3 files to any device that can play MP3's.  This collection remains the largest most original collection on ebay.

Zero Hour:

The Zero Hour (aka Hollywood Radio Theater) was a 1973–74 American radio drama anthology series hosted by Rod Serling. With tales of mystery, adventure and suspense, the program aired in stereo for two seasons. Some of the scripts were written by Serling.

Originally placed into syndication on September 3, 1973, the series was picked up by the Mutual Broadcasting System in December of that year. The original format featured five-part dramas broadcast Monday through Friday with the story coming to a conclusion on Friday. Including commercials, each part was approximately 30 minutes long. Mutual affiliates could broadcast the series in any time slot that they wished.

In 1974, still airing five days a week, the program changed to a full story in a single 30-minute installment with the same actor starring throughout the week in all five programs. That format was employed from late April 1974 to the end of the series on July 26, 1974.

Producer J. M. Kholos was a Los Angeles advertising man who acquired the rights to suspense novels, including Tony Hillerman's The Blessing Way, for radio adaptations. In some cases, the titles were changed. For example, the five-part "Desperate Witness" was an adaptation of The Big Clock by Kenneth Fearing. To create a strong package, Kholos followed through by lining up top actors, including John Astin, Edgar Bergen, Joseph Campanella, Richard Crenna, John Dehner, Howard Duff, Keenan Wynn, Richard Deacon, Patty Duke, Nina Foch, George Maharis, Susan Oliver, Brock Peters and Lurene Tuttle.

The opening theme music was by Ferrante & Teicher. Don Hills produced the series for StudioHouse, which also produced the Salvation Army's Heartbeat Theatre. Counting each five-part show as five episodes, there were a total of 130 episodes. It failed to find a large audience due to the initial weekly serial format and the lack of promotion and was canceled by Mutual in July of 1974, though some Mutual affiliates continued broadcasting repeats for some time afterward. According to director Elliott Lewis, "They wanted as much name value as possible to help with sales. They forgot they had to sell it. Everybody sat in the office and waited for someone to call them up and buy the show."

The following left in existence episodes are included in .mp3 format on this DVD:

The Heir Hunters The Reward Death On Canvas
A Die in the Country The Villanious Verdict House that Clement Built
Someones Death The Strange Odyssey The Joint Account
Face of the Foe White Flame Burning Bright Tiger Cages
The Blessing Way Mind of the Beholder Violence Takes Curtain Call
Princess Stakes Murder Why Driving Sally Insane The Children Are Dying
The Queen in Danger There's a Man Bend, Spindle And Mutilate
Wife Of The Red Haired Man Death is a Puppeteer Murder Is Work Of Art
Desperate Witness Dr. Rivington Presumably Edwards Tug And Salvage
If Two of Them Were Dead Wanted a Willing Companion Larceny On The Lake
Fourth of Forever Pigs Could Put You in the Pen On The Lam
Dead Man's Tale Sky Lab, Are You There Death Takes Sleigh Ride
But I Wouldn't Want to Die There A Favor You Can't Refuse Marionettes
Someone's Death Death At Half A Length Ghost of the Balck Plaque
The Queen In Danger Floating Down The River Trunkful of Trouble
Bye Bye Narco Once A Thief The Grand Prize
Terror In The Night Murder Shrieks Out Welcome Home Denny Shakelford
Scream Of The Hawk Rehab of Citizen Fimple Death Of A Genius
The Extorsionist Bonnie and Clyde Alive Remember Me
The Price Of Admission Sisters of Satan Lost In Time
A Shortage Story The Mannequin Sham Once Upon A Truck
Escape to Nowhere Double Date To Destiny Corpse Takes a Stand
Fairs You Know Clay Pidgeons Carnival of Menace
The House Call The Past Is Always Present Smoke Screen
The Violation The Woman In Black The  Holdout
An Arm's Length Come Light My Fire Chicago John And The Glitter People
Some People Only Die Once Riders Wanter Mutual Promotional

I Love a Mystery:

I Love a Mystery is an American radio drama series that aired 1939–44, about three friends who ran a detective agency and traveled the world in search of adventure. Distinguished by the high octane scripting of Carlton E. Morse, the program was the polar opposite of Morse's other success, the long-running One Man's Family.

The central characters, Jack Packard, Doc Long, and Reggie York, met as mercenary soldiers fighting the Japanese in China. Later, they met again in San Francisco, where they decided to form the A-1 Detective Agency. Their motto was "No job too tough, no adventure too baffling." The agency served as a plot device to involve the trio in a wide variety of stories. These straddled the genres of mystery, adventure, and supernatural horror, and the plotlines often took them to exotic locales. Over the years, Jack was played by Michael Raffetto, Russell Thorson, Jay Novello, Jim Bannon, and John McIntire. Doc was played by Barton Yarborough and Jim Boles. Reggie was portrayed by Walter Paterson and Tony Randall. The agency's secretary, Jerry Booker, was played by Gloria Blondell. After Paterson committed suicide in 1942, his friend Morse could not bear to recast the role and Reggie was written out of the series. In later shows, Jerry's role was increased, and she replaced Reggie.

Bonus Radio Shows:

As a sampler of our old time radio library, we are including a sampler edition of an additional set of 86 old time radio shows of these classic series:

ABC Mystery Time Adventure is Your Heritage America Calling
American Adventure American Cancer Society American Challenge
American Heritage Armchair Adventures Avengers
Avengers Broadcasts Famous Jury Trials I Love Adventure
I Was There Indictment International Incident
Is There Not a Cause Island Venture Jim The Great
Jimmie Fidler's Hollywood Joe DiMaggio Zero Hour, NHK

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