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Outdoor Project Plans available for download. Basic sheds, Tractors, Barns, Buildings, Birdhouses, Doghouses, Benches, Chairs, Planters, Tables, Swings, Playhouses, and much more to offer



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Outdoor, Garden, and Shed Building Project Plans

Adirondack Wood Chair Plans Wood Barn Plans

Customer Adirondack Chair Plans

Actual pic sent from a customer who built a simple Adirondack chair from our plans.

The one stop resource for the home woodworker who is interested in building their own outdoor garden furniture, buildings and structures, and outdoor hobbies!


This is likely the most complete and thorough woodworking outdoor and garden projects download package. Whatever your tastes or outdoor dreams are, you will find it here! This package is full of plans that you could spend your lifetime building!! Please read the entire listing so that you can have an idea of what is being offered for sale.

Wood Adirondack Chair Plans

This download set contains about 350 pdf files of my most popular outdoor and garden wood working plans  and hundreds of extra pdf files on wood working tips, tricks, techniques, and other hobby projects that are discussed below. Many files contain more than one plan, there are more than 700 plans on this set. These are all pdf files that you can print out as much as you like on your home printer. A partial list of files that are in this set are below. There's simply too much to list. In addition to the plans, there is tons of bonus material consisting of guides and instructions on various home repair projects for the Do It Yourselfer. I guarantee you will get a lot more plans in this set than we list here. More plans, more instructions, more more more!!

This set is already included in our complete shed plans package, so if you want our complete set, please review that item. This set was made by pulling out some of the popular outdoor plans out of that one based on popular request.

Adirondack Chair Set Plans

The primary focus of this compilation is outdoor and garden furniture, outbuildings, and hobby projects. The 350 pdf files mentioned above are plans and blueprints for a variety of pieces of outdoor projects such as: garages, sheds, outbuildings, barns, farming and construction equipment projects (build your own forklift adapter for your tractor, anyone?), plenty of woodworking tips and tricks, everything you wanted to know about how to build a deck, adirondack chairs, outdoor benches and planters, arbors, doghouses, backyard bridges, lawn chairs and lounges, outdoor playhouses for your kids, patio tables, picnic tables, etc!. The list goes on and on!

Adirondack LoveSeat Plans

All plans are in PDF format that is available for immediate download immediately after you check out! You can print out as many copies as you need on your home printer.

Wood Bridge Plans

What if I don't want to build my own outdoor woodworking furniture?

Our outdoor woodworking plans that you can download today are designed for you in mind, the beginner. We make it easy by giving you step by step instructions. But, if you have decided by now that building a some outdoor related furniture is not for you, and you would rather pay someone else to do it, then check out our great affiliate, Adirondack Chairs. They have a great selection of swing sets that they will build and deliver straight to your door. I guess we would rather you buy our plans, but we want to make you aware of other options that can be available to you. 

Here is a partial list of what is being offered here:

Outdoor Recreation Projects
How to - Decking Dog Kennel 1 Picnic Table 2
3 fence styles Dog Kennel 2 Picnic Table Design 101
A Guide to Building Outdoor Stairs Dog Kennel 3 Picnic Table, Sonoma 2
A pergola adds elegance to your home Dog Kennel 4 Picnic Table, Ultimate
Adirondack Chair 1 Dog Kennel Plant Stand
Adirondack Chair 2 Doghouse Plans Planter - petulmar
Adirondack Chair 3 Doghouse, Basic Planter - picket fence
Adirondack Chair 4 Dust Bin Shed Planter Bench 1
Adirondack Chair 5 Elegant Picnic Table Planter Box 1
Adirondack Chair 6 Farm table Planter Box with Lattice
Adirondack Chair 7 Feed Cart Playground Equipment
Adirondack rocking chair Fence Installation Plywood Trestle table
Aldo Leopold Bench Fence Window Plywood Window Box
American Basic Dog house Fence Porch Swing 1
Arched bridge Flower Box EASY Post & Rail Fence
Backyard Arbor 1 Foundation information Railing Planter
Backyard Arbor 2 Garden Arbour & Sun Shade Routed Address Sign
Wood Arbor Plans
Backyard BBQ Pit Garden Bench 1 Sand Box
Backyard Ferris Wheel Garden Bench 2 See Saw
Backyard Lighthouse Garden Bridge Shed 12x8 plans
Backyard Steps Garden Centre Trolley Shed 6 x 8 plan2
Backyard Train Garden Chair and Ottoman Shed 6 x 8 plans
Barbecue Trolley Garden Gate Shed buying guide
Basic Gazebo Garden Planter Square from UK Shed Foundations
Bathing Beautie Shed Garden Shed Project Plan Shed framing
BBQ Caddie Garden Swing Shed Instructions
BBQ Cart Garden Swing1 Single Garage Plans
BEACH CHAIR Garden wheelbarrow Small Chicken House
Bench and Planter Box Garden Windmill Small Trolley
Bench Outdoor Glider Swing(1) Spa Surround
Bench Seat Glider Swing(2) Square Planter Box
Blanket chest 2 Hexagonal BBQ Table Steps in Building a Shed
Bridge Superstructures How to Build a Fence Storage Shed 1
Build a Footbridge Build a Walk Through Garden Pergola Storage Shed 10
Build a Tree Bench How to make a Wendy house Storage Shed 11
BUILDING A SHED BASE ideas for landscape architechture Storage Shed 12
Bungalow Mailbox Lake Tahoe Gazebo Storage Shed 2

Wood Playhouse Plans

Camp Stoves Lattice Screen Plant Support Storage Shed 3
Carport Instructions Lawn Swing Storage Shed 4
Carport Lounge Chair Storage Shed 5
Cavendish BBQ Table Making an Easy Arbor Storage Shed 6
Cedar Privacy Screen Mendocino Bench 2 Storage Shed 7
Chair Swing Mendocino Bench Storage Shed 8
Classic Cedar Garden Bench Monterey Potting Center 2 Storage Shed 9
Classic Picket Fence Monterey Potting Center Storage Shed for Pesticides
Cold Frame 1 Nursery Wagon Swing Set
Cold Frame 2 Outdoor Fireplaces The Putter Shed
Cold Frame 3 Outdoor Playhouse Timber Garden Shed - Part I (1)
Commando outside stairs Timber Garden Shed - Part II
Composter Patio Bench, concrete and plank Trash Can . firewood storage unit
composting Patio Chair and Love Seat Trash Can Corral
Covered BBQ Pit 1 Patio Chair Tree Caliper
Covered BBQ Pit 2 Patio Planter Wheelbarrow Planter DIY
Cubbyhouse Patio Recliner Wheelbarrow Planter
Deacons Bench Patio Table & chairs Where do I put my Shed
Dog House 1 Picket Flower Box Windsor Shade Shelter
Dog House 2 Picnic table - Sonoma Wishing Well 1
Dog House Garden Shed Picnic Table 1 Wooden Letter Box
Wood Lawn Chair Plans
Gargages, Sheds, and Outbuidings

Wood Shed Plans

24' x 64' Frame Utility Building Boat Landing general barn
24-frame-utility-building Adirondack Shelter guest-cabin
24-pole-utility-building 1 BR Pole Frame Cabin Storage 40x104x14
30-frame-utility-building 1 BR A Frame Cabin Storage 48x96x14
30-pole-utility-building 16x20 Cabin Storage 60x136x14
32-step-puzzle-box 22x24 Dorm Loft Cabin Storage 30x112x14
36-frame-utility-building Storage 28x74 Storage 56x88
36-pole-utility-building Storage 12x16 48' Solar Machine Shop
40-frame-utility-building Storage 10x12x12 Farmshop and aptmt 50x75
42-wide-pole-utility-building Storage 12x12x8 Storage shed 6x8x7
50-pole-utility-building Storage 8x8x8 Farm repair shop 32x64
Farm Shop, 24x30x10 Pesticide Storage Shed 12x16 Farm Shop Layouts 72x100
Garage 20x20x8 Storage 42x98x14 Storage Shed 8x12x6
Garage 12x20x8 Storage 25x72x11 Farmshop 28x50
Storage Celler 14x20x9 General Barn 18x30 Machinery Storage 3x98
Garage 12x20 General Barn 24x30 Storage Shed
Garage 18x24 Lawn Tool Storage Cabinet 4x7x1 General Purpose Pole Barn
Garage 18x20 Storage 8x8x7 40x44 General Barn

Deck Swing Plans

Shop 18x46x8 Storage 32x130x18 36x48 General Barn
Storage 24x36x10 Carport 20x134 townhouse-2-bedroom
Storage 26x70x8 Carport 20x34 townhouse-3-bedroom
Storage 36x60x19 Pavilion with Storage 24x63 Pole townhouse-4-bedroom
Storage 20x27x11 Poleframe Building 30x12 truss_24
5 RM Log Cabin Storage 32x92x32 truss_28
3 RM Log Cabin Storage or Garage Large truss_30
Feeding Barn 30x56 Driveway Planning Guides truss_32
Mule Barn A-frame-cabin truss_34
2 story Braced Rafter Barn Framing A-frame-cabin-2 truss_36
Storage, archroof bulk-feed-storage-bin truss_38
Storage Shop 24x30 bulk-fertilizer-storage-building truss_40
Pole Barn 39x60 campground-comfort-station truss_42
Pole Barn 39x60 camp-house-with-fireplace truss_44
Pole Barn 39x60 cattle-shed-and-auction-barn truss_48
Multi Purpose Pole Barn clubhouse truss_50
Walls Doors and Windows for Pole Barns Comfort Station truss_60
Storage 25x36 community-building Utility Building 36x64x10
Storage 30x60 community-log-home Utility Building 36x64x11
Garage 24x24 cotton-storage-shed Utility Building50x64x10
Garage 24x24 Post Frame Elevated Sawdust Bin  
Storage Wood Shed Plans
Farming and Construction
Baby Tractor Large Home Garden tractor Tractor Forklift
Three layer Felt Roofing Manual Hoist Tractor Front Hydraulic Lift
Cattle Feeder Midget Tractor 1 Tractor Scoop Loader plan
Cement Mixer Midget Tractor 2 Tractor Scraper Grader Attachment
Concrete Block Maker Midget Tractor 3 Tractor Snow Plow
Conveyor belt elevator Mini Dump Truck Truck Bed Limestone Spreader
Farmette small tractor Post Hole Auger Two Wheel Tractor
Feed Cart Round Hay Bale Transporter Vintage Farm Tractor
Hay Bale Cart Simple tractor Vintage Model T Tractor
Hay Bale Loader    

Birdhouse Plans

Bird Feeder Bird House Guidance Bird Nesting Box
Bird Table Bluebird House Plans Hanging Birdhouse


woodworking home repair guide

This outdoor woodworking plans collection, also comes with our Do It Yourself (DIY) Home Repair guide, included at no extra charge! This guide alone is worth the price of this plan. Our guide will show you how to handle all kinds of different basic home repairs. If you do just one home repair job yourself with this guide instead of hiring a professional, you will have paid for this item many times over. This guide is perfect for the new homeowner. This is an invaluable guide that covers over 150 home repair jobs in detail. If you have a home, this guide is will be very helpful for all your home projects. Learn how to wire a 3 way switch, understand how much insulation you need in your attic, learn about repairing concrete, and how to troubleshoot paint problems. Our home repair guide contains over 600 pages of guides on all these topics and more. Here's just an outline of the topics covered:

3-Way Switches Drill Know-How Installing Glass Block Rail Fences
Annuals and Perennials Drip Irrigation Installing Sinks Railing and Steps
Asphalt Drives Drywall Joints Installing Thermostats Recycling
Attached Decks DWV Systems Insulate an Attic Removing Finishes
Attracting Birds Electric Hot Water Insulate Side Walls Room Dividers
Basic Decks Energy Efficient Lighting Insulation Roses
Biological Pollutants in Your Home Evergreen Trees and Shrubs Interior Painting Router Know-How
Board Fences Extending Electrical Service Lavatory Put-In Safe and Secure
Brick Walls Extending Existing Wire Lawn Fertilizers Sanding Abrasive
Broken Windows Exterior Painting Laying Bricks Screen Repair
Building Driveways Fine Finishes Laying Shingles Selection and Use of Hand and Power Tools
Caulking and Stripping Flat Roof Repairs Leaky Faucets Selection and Use of Wood and Plywood
Ceiling Fan Hookups Flowing Gutters Lightscaping Setting Stones
Ceiling Tile Flush Toilets Making a Water Garden Shingles and Shakes
Ceramic Floor Tile Foam Back Carpet Modern Stains Shower Doors
Ceramic Wall Tile Foundations Molding Magic Skylights
Chain Link Fences Fuse Failures Mower Tune Ups Spraying Paint
Child Safety Garage Door Openers Nails and Screws Stairs and Landings
Chimes and Doorbells Gas Hot Water Organic Flower Gardening Starting a Lawn
Circuit Breakers Grass Carpeting Organic Lawn Care Steel Pipe
Climate Control Greener Grass Organic Vegetable Gardening Stop Wood Rot
Clogged Drains Ground Covers Outdoor Wiring Sump Pumps
Closet Organizers Hanging Ceiling Paint Appliers Suspended Ceilings
Clothes Washers Hanging Doors Paint Problems Switches and Outlets
Combustion Pollutants In Your Home Hanging Shelving Parquet Squares Tiling Floors
Concrete Mixing Hanging Wallpaper 2 Patching Plaster Underground Sprinklers
Concrete Repairs Hanging Wallpaper Patio Doors Upgrade Kitchen Cabinets
Concrete Slabs Herbs Phone Hook Ups Varnish and Enamel
Concrete Walkways Home Composting Picket Fences Venting Attics
Control Vegetable Pests Organically Household Hazards Picture Framing Video Hook Ups
Controlling Turf Pests How to Miter Plan a Bathroom - Install Toilets Vinyl Floors
Copper Pipe Indoor Air Quality Plants for Dry Climates Wall Paneling
Deciduous Trees and Shrubs INDOOR LIGHTING Plastic Laminate Wall to Wall Carpeting
Deck Covers Indoor Pollutants Plastic Pipe Water Conservation
Deckscaping Install Bathtub Plugs Cords and Sockets Water Quality In Your Home
Decorative Paint Finishes Install Plank Flooring Pool Care Water wise Gardening
Dish Washers Install Recess Lighting Pre hung Doors What Is Radon
Disposal Trouble Install Shower Pressure-Treated Lumber Window Insulation Film
Divider Walls Install Track Lighting Pruning Trees and Shrubs Wires and Wiring
Door Locksets Install Windows Wood Joints  

If you like this set, please check out our complete shed plan package that has thousands of plans like these before you leave our site!


The best part about this set, is that's not all you get. You also get an additional 120 ebooks on PDF for the Do It Yourselfer! That's in addition to the plans above. Various topics on home repair and how to guides. Things like kitchen design, bathroom design, windows, radiators, plumbing, brickwork, toilets, electrical safety, sealants, insulation, hanging wallpaper, wiring plugs, laying tiles, outdoor lighting, painting tips, renovating wood, etc etc.

That's not all you get. You also get another 175 ebooks woodworking tips on ebooks! Clamping, routing, drilling, painting, cutting, sanding, finishing, sharpening, etc etc etc.

And finally, we are including an additional 500 home fun projects projects. Ranging from toys like like waddling ducks, rocking horses, puzzles, toy cars, etc. Also there are ornamental projects, cribs, high chairs, garden projects, and some workshop projects. There are over 500 additional home hobby projects to keep you busy!!!!

The list goes on and on!!! I can't list them all here, just not enough room, and you're probably bored by now. But you get them all, all 120 ebooks on Do It Yourself items and over 175 ebooks on woodworking tips that will help you save money by no longer needing to hire a professional and the 500+ additional projects. If you do one project yourself on this list instead of hiring it out, you've already paid for the disc, and look how much you have here! Unbeatable!


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