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Free Gazebo Plans

You asked, and we got it, a free gazebo plan, thanks to another customer submission.  If you like it, be sure to come back for more. Thanks to our customer Jay N. for creating this plan and submitting to us!


Free Backyard Gazebo Plans

free gazebo plans

free gazebo plans  free gazebo plans free gazebo plansfree gazebo plans  free gazebo plans free gazebo plans
Top row: Two underside views of the roof structure, showing the rafters, collar ties, and flared rafter tails; floor structure and side panel.
Bottom row: Plinth blocks and side panels, from inside; the storage box opens to reveal space for a cooler and more.

As soon as the hammering began, interest around the bay was piqued. First, a pedal boat cruised by; the pedallers had heard construction noise and wanted to see what was going on. Their compliments were enough to make this old builder’s heart swell with pride. Then a neighbor showed up in her bow rider. Now she wants one for her place. And according to Enid and Doug— the owners of the project—there has been a virtual parade of curious boaters ever since.

The inspiration for this “outdoor room” project came from an unusual direction—in cottage country anyway: the traditional buildings of Bali, Indonesia. There, the typical living space is an open, roofed pavilion with a raised floor, called a bale. Like an old-fashioned, one-room cottage, these uncomplicated, elegant structures are used for just about everything—eating, sleeping, working, lounging, and conversation. In public spaces, some are used for music and dance performances, others as temples.

We kept some Balinese hallmarks—the wide, flared eaves for shade and rain cover, the floor raised to bench height, the uncomplicated, four-square layout for maximum versatility—and used traditional Canadian cottage materials, such as cedar shakes for the roof instead of thatch. As well, we added a hidden, mouse resistant storage box that’s roomy enough for stowing an air mattress, some folding chairs, your yoga mat, or a couple of trashy novels and some sunscreen. In the end, this outdoor room is an eye-catching hybrid that will fit your cottage lifestyle because, well, it adapts easily to your own favorite activities.

free gazebo plans

free gazebo plans

The basic gazebo structure
Since we built right on exposed rock, prepping the site for our gazebo was reasonably straightforward. If possible, choose a flat spot to simplify the build. With its hip roof, building your own gazebo involves much work that’s not at ground level—I recommend renting scaffolding to make the job safer and faster. As well, when you’re working on the roof, a helper or two on the ground is really essential.  Safety first, on a job like this.

1. I rented a rock drill to bore four ¾ " holes for 6x6 post saddles, seating their rebar anchors with an epoxy anchoring adhesive (available at industrial fastener suppliers). Where the soil is deep, seat the posts in concrete filled 10" Sonotubes. Position the saddles accurately, before you epoxy them, so they’re plumb and square.

2. No matter how careful you are when setting the saddles in the concrete, you’ll still need to adjust the posts for plumb and square. The easiest way to do this is by doing a test run with short pieces of 6x6 in the saddles, instead of trying to man oeuvre the heavy full-length posts. In most cases, you can use the off cuts from the posts. Because I was building on even terrain, I calculated from the plans that I’d need 9'1½ " for each of the posts; leaving some margin of error, I could afford to cut 8" pieces from my 10'-long 6x6s. Check your own situation carefully before cutting. Shift the short pieces in the saddles as needed to get everything square and plumb, and then replace with the full length posts, duplicating the adjustments you made with the short stubs.

free gazebo plans

free gazebo plans

Free Garden Gazebo Plans
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free gazebo plans

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