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iSpy IP Camera DVR Surveillance Video Recording Software Motion DVR CD

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Are you wanting to install a home security surveillance system but don't know where to start?  Do you want to be protected against this guy but don't trust the home security companies that promise to protect you? 



iSpy Security Camera Software


Included: 32 bit and 64 bit Windows versions of iSpy, the best web cam and IP camera surveillance and DVR software available.  For Windows.


Included: Our 35 page guide on how to install and setup an IP Camera Security System.  No more guesswork.  Learn how to set up your android phone to view your IP cams from anywhere in the world.

ispy software

Are you wanting to install a home security surveillance system but don't know where to start?  Do you want to be protected against this guy but don't trust the home security companies that promise to protect you?  Are you tired of buying IP cams from China with no instructions on how to set them up?
ispy software


Are you confused about the choices of cameras and software out there?

Do you want to install and setup your own system and not rely on some shady salesman?  Do you want to view your home from anywhere?

ispy software

Have you bought an IP camera on eBay only to receive a camera with some shoddy instructions translated from Chinese and don't know what to do with it?

Do you want to record the video all the way around your house like this 24-7 in case some neighbor's kid is running around keying cars?

(low resolution iSpy screen caps shown)
ispy software ispy software ispy software

If so, then we have the right software and guide for you.  Most IP cameras sold right here on eBay come from China with little or no instructions.  Did you know that almost NONE of them come with any DVR software that allows you to record the footage from them?  And if you contact your ebay seller to ask them about it, you get someone that clearly has no idea what you are talking about.  Do you know what they call an IP camera without a DVR?  A paperweight.  Included on this CD is iSpy, the industry leading camera DVR software package.  iSpy is included in both 32 bit and 64 bit versions, for all windows systems (sorry, Mac version is not available).

iSpy works with your IP cameras to help you do the following:

Home Security Keeping an eye on your home whilst away is simple. Just hook up some webcams or IP cameras and leave iSpy running. iSpy will record everything that is going on.  You can set it to continuously record 24-7, or record only on motion detect.  iSpy has the most advanced motion detection software engine ever developed and can detect motion in as little as 2 frames.

Office Surveillance An unattended office is vulnerable to theft. Just as iSpy can keep an eye on your home, it can do the same for your workplace. Offices also have the added benefit of there already being lots of iSpy capable computers sitting around doing nothing!

Nanny Cams
Do you have any suspicions about your nanny? You could setup iSpy to monitor both a microphone and camera in your home and trigger recording of both the video and audio on loud noises - so if your children (or the nanny!) starts screaming you'll have it all on tape!

Instant DVR capability.  Leave iSpy running around the clock on a dedicated machine forever.  iSpy can continuously record footage from multiple cameras and automatically delete older videos to make room for new videos so that you never run out of space.  You are only limited by your hard drive and PC.

Install on endless machines.  There is no limit to how many machines you can install iSpy on.  You can install it on every computer in the house.  Set one to record, and use the other ones to just keep an eye on things.

Motion Detect Alerts.  With the advanced motion detection capability on iSpy, you can set it to ping you alerts every time there is movement detected.  Set up an IP camera on your driveway, and the alert system can play a sound on your PC when someone pulls up.  Like a high tech door bell.  Never be surprised again by someone at the door unannounced! Send these alerts to your email on your phone, or play an alert on your PC at home.  (email and text message alerts to your phone require a subscription service, which is not included in the basic software packagePlaying a basic alert on your home PC does not require a subscription service.)

Advanced video support.  iSpy can automatically adjust frame rates up and down to match the performance of your PC.  If your PC is running too slow, iSpy can make adjustments to downgrade the video feed so it can be made to work on most systems, although a fast computer is recommended.

Support for thousands of cameras.  iSpy has built in support for thousands of models from all major worldwide manufacturers.  Odds are, if you bought an IP camera in the last 10 years, iSpy supports it.  We can't guarantee support for every camera, but again, odds are, iSpy supports it.  iSpy will work for webcams as well as IP cameras.

more iSpy screenshots:

ispy software

ispy software

In addition to iSpy, we are also adding our 35 page getting started guide that shows you how to install your IP cameras in and around your home and get them hooked up and start recording.  Don't rely on vague Chinese instructions.  Our getting started guide includes the following topics for your complete IP camera installation process:

Selecting the type of camera to buy. How to shop for a home security system and choose the right camera for you.

Deciding on how many cameras you need. Understanding some basic areas around your house that you should cover.

Computer hardware requirements. Understanding the hardware that you will need to properly hook up your home IP camera system.

Installation in a basic home. Where to install your cameras and how to run wiring. It's easier than you think.

Setting up your IP CAM for the first time. Initial setup of your IP camera and important basic settings.

Installation and basic set up of iSPY to monitor and record. A brief overview of iSpy and how to get your system up and recording your cams.

Setting up your home computer system to allow for remote web access. Want to access your cams from anywhere in the world? We show you how.

Setting up your phone for remote access. View your cams on your phone. We will show you what you need to do.

Before you buy any IP camera on ebay, or any surveillance system anywhere, you need this CD.  If you've already bought an IP camera, and you don't know what to do with it, then you need this CD even more!


Installation CD of iSpy (both 32 bit and 64 bit)
Customer 35 page IP Camera security system installation guide in PDF format on CD.

System requirements:

For maximum performance, we recommend a windows 7, 64 bit system or higher.  iSpy will run on 32 bit older systems, but performance may not be that great.  We recommend all 32 bit systems have 4GB of ram, and all 64 bit systems have at least 8GB of RAM.  More RAM will allow you to record many more IP cams at once without slowing the system down.  We recommend also a fast processor of 2Ghz or more.  Again, iSpy will run on slower systems, but will get bogged down on older systems if you are recording from multiple cams.

No hardware, and no IP cameras are included in this listing. Just a CD! 

This is a non-tech support item from  "Non-tech support" item means we will not help you troubleshoot your IP cam installation, or help you configure iSpy.  Our guide is included to help you get started and up and running.  Fine tuning and advanced configuration setup is the user's responsibility.  We kindly ask that you respect this fact and not ask us to troubleshoot your installation issues.

  • Model: CA-V60

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